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Welcome to the Weight Drop Workshop 

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Weight Loss Secrets

How to Engage 
Law of Attraction 
for Weight Loss

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Law of Attraction for Weight Loss

One thought attracts another thought like it.

Many thoughts come together to form a reality.

You can use your mind to achieve your ideal weight.

The Weight Drop Workshop uses:

  • the power of your mind

  • specific visualization methods

  • law of attraction

  • unconditional love

The results are any or all of the following:

  • Self-Acceptance

  • Expression of Your Magnificence

  • Expression of Your Beauty

  • Feel Better in Your Body

  • Fit Better in Your Clothes

  • Feel More Attractive

  • Higher Self-Esteem

  • Greater Sense of Empowerment

  • Achieve Your Ideal Weight

What is the Weight Drop Workshop?

The Weight Drop Workshop is a 5 week visualization training program that leads you to your ideal weight safely, naturally, and without a diet.  It is THE diet-less weight loss system.


What Members Are Saying...

Dear Friend,

Does the same desire to "lose weight" arise in  you every time you look in the mirror?  Every time you try to fit into (what used to be) your favorite clothes? 


Is this you?

If you have been trying to lose weight, diet, or to get your body in shape, for two years or more...


If one of your biggest points of grief and discouragement in your life is your weight....


If you have a health issue that makes it both important for you to lose weight and difficult for you to lose weight...

...then I invite you to read further. This is specifically for you.

Look Good * Feel Good

I want to help you finally do something that makes a difference.  

The Weight Drop Workshop is not a diet.  

It is a mental, emotional, and spiritual practice that uses the power of visualization.

In other words, it uses the power of your mind to bring your body to it's natural state of:

  • beauty

  • high energy

  • looking good

  • and feeling good   

It uses your mind to bring your body to your ideal weight so that your body becomes a magnificent vehicle that carries you through your human journey.

Don't wait another 18 years...

The last time I led this workshop was around 1993.  

The time before that was in 1987.

Then, out of the blue, I decided to lead this workshop once more in January of 2011.

At this moment, I have no plans of leading it again.

But fortunately, I still have all the materials from the January 2011 workshop online and accessible.  

I tell you this so that you understand that if you are interested, now is the time to sign up.  I don't know how much longer I will leave this material online.  And once I take it down, I may never release it again.

You can use these visualizations along side a diet or with no diet. 

Either way, you will experience: 

  • a decrease in hunger 

  • a shift in appetite toward foods that move your body to your ideal weight and joyful harmonious expressiveness (jhe).

It's that simple.

  1. You do the visualizations.

  2. Law of Attraction acts on your new thought forms.

  3. Your body moves toward your ideal weight.

Your New Intentions...

When you sit down to write your intentions, goals, affirmations, and resolutions...

...instead of making a resolution ...

... to not eat this or not eat that...

... or to go on a certain diet...

... or to lose a certain number of pounds...

... or to fit onto a certain pair of jeans...

... or to go down to a certain clothing size...


I invite you to let go of all those tired old resolutions that do not work and set one simple resolution:

To do the Weight Drop Workshop Visualizations. 

And let the jeans, the scale, and the mirror take care of themselves.

60 Day 100% Unconditional Guarantee

As a result of this workshop you may simply like yourself better.  You may move noticeably toward your ideal weight.  You may drop a dress size or feel better in your jeans. You may look better. Or, you may simply feel that you have valuable tools to use as you move through your life.  I cannot promise that you will achieve your ideal weight during the course of this short workshop.  But I do guarantee that you receive more in value than the price you pay.  I promise you that the tools you gain from the Weight Drop Workshop will serve you now and anytime you use them for many years to come.  If you do not feel you have received way more in value than the price you pay, send me an email and I will refund your money, 100%, no questions asked.

ClickBank will, at its option, replace or repair any defective product within 60 days from the date of purchase. After 60 days all sales are final.

You Can Begin Module One of 
The Weight Drop Workshop 
in Just Minutes

Only $97

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This is a digital product.

Your initial charge will be $97. You will then be charged $9/month for as long as your membership remains active to a maximum of 99 months. You can cancel your membership at any time.


Here's what you get:


The Weight Drop Workshop ebook containing all the visualization exercises (not available elsewhere.)
Recorded commentaries on each of 5 modules.
Recordings of the Live Telephone Workshops.  
Recordings of the Hot Seat calls.  
Module 1: Getting in the Groove. This is where you get the foundation for working with the visualizations.
Module 2: The Knower.  This is where you gain access to your inner guidance and begin shifting your appetite and hunger levels almost instantly.
Module 3: Metabolism. Use your mind to jump start your metabolism and decrease your appetite.  Here you learn to use your mind to act like diet pills without any of the side effects of the chemicals.
Module 4: Food, Eating & Satisfaction.  Improve all other aspects of you life as you bring your eating into alignment.  In this session  your whole life gets more satisfying while at the same time, food becomes less important to you.
Module 5: Body Form. Use your mind to bring your thin self out from all that outer padding.  This is a lot of fun.
Weekly email with link to new materials.  Login to the members area and begin working (playing) with the new visualizations as soon as you get the link each week.
Weekly recordings of live calls Once you have begun using the new visualizations, you'll get the recording of the live workshop to help you fine tune your practice. 
Steep Discount on Monthly Membership You get an automatic steep discount on the monthly membership that supports you in staying with the visualizations once the workshop ends. It is regularly $19/month, but you get in for only $9/month. You can cancel at any time.
Recorded Interview with Dr. Jennifer Lamonica on "The Power of Mental Imagery"
The Complete YOFAŽ eCourse:

3 Weeks to Freedom 
(To Be Who You Truly Are)

The Complete YOFAŽ eCourse:

The 3 Step Divine Love Formula 
(With Audio "I Am Love" Meditations)


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Only $97 for the full workshop

    Then $19 ONLY $9/month to stay on track - You can cancel at any time

This is a digital product.

Your initial charge will be $97. You will then be charged $9/month for as long as your membership remains active to a maximum of 99 months. You can cancel your membership at any time.



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